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New Term Products and 20-Pay Whole Life Product

The Level Term, Level Advantage Term, and ChoiceTerm product series have been consolidated into the Signature Term and Choice Advantage Term product series! There is also a new addition to our product portfolio of a 20-pay whole life product, Value Certain 20! These may all be illustrated in the Quick Quoter!

GrowthTrack in the Quick Quoter

You are now able to run annuity illustrations for the GrowthTrack in the Quick Quoter! Head over now to begin quoting.

FlexWealth Advantage is now Inforce Illustratable

Just a few of the hypothetical things you can illustrate are death benefit option changes, premium and specified amount changes, and loan repayments. These changes can all be done immediately or in the future!

Product Revisions

The Gift of Life, Value Assured and Cashback Life products have been revised. Check out the blog post to learn about what changed on these products.

Ability to Set Rider Defaults!

Are there riders you like to add to every case setup? You now have the option to choose default riders that will be added with every new illustration! Now available on the Quick Quoter and online Illustration System.

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