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Title: Variable Annuity Rep Guide
Form #: 5587
Description: Information about the different variable annuities and investment choices for them
Version Date: 5.21C

Title: EquiFlex Fact Sheet
Form #: 11559
Description: EquiFlex Indexed Universal Life Fact Sheet
Version Date: 7.21C

Title: Mortgage Acceleration Consumer Sheet
Form #: 6471
Description: Shows how Cashback Life can be used to pay off a mortgage early. For use with clients.
Version Date: 8.21S

Title: Indexed Universal Life Agent Sales Guide
Form #: 11561
Description: In-depth guide for Compass Elite and EquiFlex Indexed Universal Life
Version Date: 1.22C

Title: Income Assured Option (IAO) Consumer Brochure
Form #: 7012
Description: For consumer use
Version Date: 2.20C

Title: E-App Agent Guide
Form #: 12448
Description: Learn how to use Kansas City Life Insurance Company's e-application for submitting applications.
Version Date: 2.21C

Title: Premier Protection Fact Sheet
Form #: 12435
Description: Premier Protection Universal Life Fact Sheet
Version Date: 6.21C

Title: SecurityTrack Consumer Brochure
Form #: 6468
Description: SecurityTrack Consumer Brochure
Version Date: 2.19H

Title: Spanish Compass Elite IUL Consumer Brochure
Form #: 12104-S
Description: Includes both Spanish and English
Version Date: 12.19C

Title: Life Insurance is for the Living
Form #: 1784
Description: Explains Cash Value Accumulation, Living Benefit Riders and Return of Premium
Version Date: 12.20S