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Title: Signature Term Life Fact Sheet
Form #: 12389
Description: Signature Term Life Fact Sheet
Version Date: 7.22S

Title: Fixed Annuity Postcard
Form #: 11691
Description: Postcard about Kansas City Life's fixed deferred annuities
Version Date: 4.20C

Title: Kansas City Life Generic Folder
Form #: 7580
Description: Kansas City Life Generic Folder
Version Date: 8.15S

Title: Premier Protection Universal Life Consumer Brochure
Form #: 12434
Description: Consumer overview to universal life highlighting Premier Protection UL
Version Date: 6.22S

Title: Supplemental Income Consumer Brochure
Form #: 1646
Description: Supplement your income without sacrificing your retirement
Version Date: 1.20C

Title: Spanish Value Certain 20 Fact Sheet
Form #: 12383-S
Description: Agent fact sheet for the Value Certain 20 whole life product.
Version Date: 8.22S

Title: SecurityTrack Consumer Brochure
Form #: 6468-ID
Description: Explains how this flexible deferred annuity can help consumers accumulate tax-deferred savings for such goals as retirement. For the state of Idaho.
Version Date: 8.20S

Title: Freedom Variable Annuity Consumer Brochure
Form #: 5691
Description: Freedom VA Consumer Brochure
Version Date: 7.19S

Title: Cashback Life Consumer Brochure
Form #: 11621S
Description: Cashback Life Consumer Brochure
Version Date: 5.15C

Title: Spanish GrowthTrack Consumer Brochure
Form #: 6545S
Description: Spanish GrowthTrack Consumer Brochure
Version Date: 5.15S