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Title: Spanish Cashback Life Consumer Brochure
Form #: 11621-S
Description: Includes both Spanish and English
Version Date: 2.20C

Title: Variable Annuity Rep Guide
Form #: 5587
Description: Information about the different variable annuities and investment choices for them
Version Date: 5.23S

Title: Lifetime Income Rider Consumer Brochure
Form #: 6771
Description: Kansas City Life Insurance Company offers you a solution with the Lifetime Income Rider (LIR) for many of the challenges faced with retirement.
Version Date: 2.23C

Title: The Kansas City Life Tradition
Form #: 7526
Description: Tells the story of how this unique company was built and how the tradition continues.
Version Date: 11.21S

Title: Choice Advantage Term Life Fact Sheet
Form #: 12391-S
Description: Provides overview of product benefits and features
Version Date: 6.22C

Title: Income Assured Option (IAO) Consumer Brochure
Form #: 7012
Description: Show clients how to maximize the policy's total death benefit with IAO - includes example
Version Date: 7.22H

Title: Variable Annuity Consumer Brochure
Form #: 5603
Description: Variable Annuity Consumer Brochure
Version Date: 5.18C

Title: Estate Planning
Form #: 4824
Description: Handout for clients
Version Date: 2.21C

Title: IAO Mortgage Trifold
Form #: 11745
Description: Income Assure Option Mortgage trifold brochure personalized template
Version Date: 6.19SC

Title: Spanish Longevity Term Fact Sheet
Form #: 12639-S
Description: Agent fact sheet for the Longevity Term 80/85
Version Date: 7.22C